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Packing a Luggage 2021 A List of Things to Take on the Road – A Useful Checklist What Not to Forget?

Pack a bag on vacation correctly – it really is an art)).

To begin with, it’s a good idea to study the information about the hotel you are going to. What will be equipped with a room: hair dryer, iron, shampoo, shower gel, towels, and so on. Study the climate and the weather forecast so you don’t take too much. Do not bring delicate items that require special care. Compactly folded items take up much less space. For example, shirts, shirts are more convenient to fold in rolls. Socks and sundries can be put in the shoes. It is not necessary to fold shoes in pairs. It is more convenient to put each shoe in a bag and put in different places.

The most bulky things, it is better to put on themselves. Shampoos, creams and other care products are convenient to pour into small plastic containers, which can be bought in convenience stores. It is important to pack liquids in plastic bags and close well. After all, if the liquid leaks in the suitcase, it can ruin things.

Also, keep in mind that in almost any country you can buy what you need on the spot. For example the same shower gels, shampoos, toothpaste. Maybe even a towel. And leave it there, so as not to fill a suitcase on the way back.

If you travel low-cost, this approach is more than justified economically. After all, if you pack a suitcase on vacation and take all your things in a free carry-on – you won’t have to pay for expensive luggage.

Have a great trip!


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