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Discount on Booking.com – $15 off Don’t miss our effective Booking.com $15 off coupons for you.

Get 15% off Booking.com

Don’t miss our effective Booking.com 15 off coupons for you. The unique 10% discount for friends has one major disadvantage. It can only be used once for the same account. Of course, if you’re not traveling alone, you can try to get another coupon for minus 10% on another account. Your companion, for example.
But that’s not always possible. But what if you are traveling alone? There is a way out!

You can get another discount of  $15 on any booking. Again, only once! But it can be a way out in this situation, and a great way to save money!

Basic Q&A:

This is also interesting and useful to know :

1. How do I get a promo code (discount on bookings) at Booking.com for $15?

You just need to follow this link on the Booking.com website. On the site you will see a confirmation of the discount (blue gift box). Choose a country, city, hotel or apartment and get a significant discount!

2. Will the discount on booking be in real money or bonus points?

Correct question. Many services promise discounts, coupons and promo codes or cashback on their services. But very often this is “virtual” money. And you can spend them only on the services of this service in the future. As for Saving  ($15) on the booking service – it will be real “real” money. They will return to your bank card some time after the end of the holiday in the accommodation. Site Booking.com acts as a guarantor

3. What are the restrictions on the  ($15) discount?

There is only one limitation. This is the minimum value of the reservation. It should not be less than  ( $30).No more conditions and hidden notes when booking hotels online using this method.

Oh, and also wowscanner.com will help you save up to 53% on booking through the AirBnB portal. You can use this service if you need to rent an apartment or apartment for a few days or even months anywhere in the world. AirBnB discount is a great way to save!

If you are traveling as a couple, you can make two separate reservations by making two accounts. One – for you, the other – for your companion. Accordingly, and a discount of 1,000 rubles or savings of $ 15 can be obtained twice on the same trip!

Have a great trip!

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