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What to bring from Prague 2021| Cheese, cosmetics, liquor | 5 original souvenirs from Prague, Czech Republic

What to bring from Prague?

What to bring back from Prague as a souvenir for yourself and your loved ones? From a new place you always want to bring something interesting and memorable. For example, traditional magnets, postcards, bells. But in fact, in every country there is something unique and unique. Something that wants to try, see, touch, visit and bring as a gift to family, friends, and himself. The capital of the Czech Republic is happy to share unique items and things. They will always warm your soul with pleasant memories of Prague. After all, every trip is a part of our life. So, what to bring from Prague:

1. “Olomoucké tvarjky” (“olomoucké tvarjky”).

This is a special cheese. Delicacy with a scent for gourmands. The first mention of this cheese was found in the 15th century. The Moravian housewives were looking for a way to preserve the curd longer. The curd would be sourdough mixed with salt, put in a container where it would be kept without air for a while. Then it was shaped and left to mature.
Twaruska can only be purchased in the Czech Republic. So if you or your friends are fans of sour curd with a delicate taste and intolerable smell, you must get it.

2. “Manufaktura” A brand of Czech cosmetics.

A brand of Czech cosmetics. Originally it specialized only in the production of souvenirs and wooden toys. Further, the assortment of the brand “Manufaktura” expanded with the production of handmade soaps and cosmetics. The composition includes natural Czech ingredients. These are beer, wine, thermal salt from Karlovy Vary, medicinal herbs and fruit extracts. The motto of this brand is “Set up a spa at home – get pleasure”. Cool souvenir from Prague for the fair sex!

3. Mole. A character from a cartoon of the same name from the Soviet times.

The mole can be called a symbol of the Czech Republic. In any gift store you will find soft toys in the form of a cartoon character, from small size to large. Cups, plates, key chains, magnets, watches. In this country, this cutie is simply adored and affectionately called Krtechek, Krotik. Children will be happy with such a souvenir, and adults too.

4. “Becherovka. A strong 38-degree balsamic liqueur infused with 20 herbs.

This drink is made in Karlovy Vary with thermal water. According to a unique recipe. The composition of “Becherovka” liqueur is still a mystery. Originally only the classical liqueur “Original” was produced, but now you can find new shades and tastes. Moreover, many varieties are completely unknown here and are not officially supplied. In total, there are six varieties of balsam. It is drunk chilled in cocktails or added to tea during a cold. Surprise your friends with a special kind of the well-known Becherovka – a great idea of what to bring from Prague.

5. Beer. Beer in the Czech Republic is more than just a drink.

It is the national pride and world famous brands. And so – a great gift for family and friends. Of course, you can not take away a lot of beer. To go to the Czech Republic with the purpose of a beer tasting for 2-3 days – it makes no sense. You need at least a week. After all, almost every city and town has its own brewery. Many have centuries-old roots and traditions. Needless to say, almost every restaurant in the capital brews its own beer. Light, dark, green, amber, red, straw color, beer with honey and glitter. One could go on and on. But it is better to taste in person and take a couple of cans as a gift. The most famous are Staropramen and Krusovice.

Prague is a beauty. Surely in the evening your feet will hurt from fatigue and something will happen to your weight. But it’s very hard not to fall in love with Prague. And nice souvenirs from Prague will allow you to keep fond memories of it for a long time.
Have a nice vacation!

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