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Скидка 10% на бронирование отеля на | Get -10% OFF on
Get off -10% (percent) on the site in May or June?

Is it possible is an online hotel booking system. And also – the largest and most popular portal for booking hotels, apartments and other accommodation options. Book hotels on the booking is convenient, profitable, safe and secure.

You can pay for your stay with a credit card (credit or debit card) and cash. Conveniently, you can both make a prepayment and pay the hotel on the spot, upon arrival. This is a very significant advantage! After all, plans can change at the last moment before the release, and it is important, at the same time, to save your money. For example, if you pay for your stay through a travel agency, it will be impossible to refuse to settle without fines in most cases.

Book accommodation options on it can be almost anywhere in the world: Moscow, Barcelona, ​​Sochi, Athens, or absolutely any other place. On the booking, a convenient search is organized according to different criteria: area of ​​the city, stellarity, cost, availability of breakfast, etc. You can even see the people from which countries and in what proportion they rest in one place or another. This is very cool for those who want to learn a foreign language or find new friends from other countries!

How to get a discount on booking ( is a powerful service for travelers who do not want to pay extra money. After booking a hotel through this site, the price of accommodation is often lower than if you do the same directly. After all, booking the hotel guarantees the flow of tourists, and the hotel is obliged to provide guests with special discounts and the best prices. Very often you can find great discounted hotels! You can realize any recreation options. This can be a beach holiday in Spain 2019 at a discount, or a business trip to Frankfurt, or a weekend in Rome is inexpensive. Moreover, you can book a vacation as a hotel with breakfast, housekeeping, linen change. So the usual apartments in the same Barcelona without extra services, but at a good price and a discount of 10%.

Before booking, you can read the description and see the statistics of hotel reviews of real travelers. That were already in this place. This ensures objectivity and honesty of reviews on Each hotel or apartment has a rating of 10-point system. Hotels with a rating of 8 and above are very good. A score of less than 7 points indicates that living in such a place can bring unpleasant surprises. If users rated the hotel up to 5 points – it’s better to avoid such a property.

Everyone loves skip coupons and various promotional codes. But many do not know the answer to the question “how to get a discount on booking”?

10 percent discount on booking

10% discount on But there is a unique and little-known 10 percent discount on booking for booking a hotel or apartment on This is a discount for friends! And it is available on this site (the so-called booking 10 discount)! Yes, you can save ten percent! You have to agree that it is not bad to reduce the cost of your summer vacation in Spain, for example, by 100 euros (at the original price of the property, 1000 euros).

The only conditions – the amount of the reservation must be from $ 30. You can book a hotel, hostel or apartment in any city in any country of the world! There are no restri(!

To take advantage of this unique chance, you need to follow the link to After that, a blue gift box will appear on – a discount symbol. This is an official confirmation from the site of your savings. Luck! If there is no such box, then there will be no cashback.

Important! The discount is available only to registered users of the service and once per account!

To receive a 10% discount, you must create an account on this site (if it does not exist). It is very simple and will take no more than one minute. For registration you only need email. Everything! The more often you use the service, the more profitable the offers will be.

And for each written review of the hotel – you will receive additional advantages.

Discount on booking $15

A unique discount for friends 10% has one significant disadvantage. It can only be used once for the same account. Of course, if you are not traveling alone, then you can try to get another coupon for minus 10% to another account. For example, your companion.
But this is not always possible. And if you are traveling on your own? There is an exit!
You can get another discount for  $ 15 dollars for any booking. Again, only once! But it can be a solution in this situation, and a great way to save money.
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